Isn’t it funny?

Isn’t it funny?

All my life I lived around one law firm in Vilnius. Every day I dreamed that one day I will work in that place and I will be a judge or fiscal. But that special day my life changed for good…


What I realized?


I remember it was November first because there were a lot of pumpkins everywhere and I broke my leg when I bumped into one. Yes, it is sounds crazy but that was the day I visit hospital for the first time. You will never know what you are until you face to face with your future you. That day I realized that all I want to be is to be a doctor. All the failures bring you something to think about. Maybe work at law firm in Vilnius wasn’t that good idea for life?


All bads gives you goods


When I finally finished high school and should be sure what I want to be – I did. Every single one I met in my life knows I will be a doctor. I start studying in university and it was the best years of my entire life. I met new people who had the same dreams about their future and I knew I am in the right way.


Dreams come true


Today I am well known doctor in my city who still lives around one law firm in Vilnius. With the biggest smile of my face I remember my childhood when my friends dreamed to be the astronauts, the sales managers, the cops and some of them even doctors. How interesting my ambition was?


I know everyone at least one time tried to imaged what they will become in their future. I just can share one little secret that you should try open your mind to many different activities to understand who you want to be.