Make sure that your personal data is safe

Make sure that your personal data is safe

Cyber security is very important in the modern world. We are talking not only about politicians and government secrets – the safety of regular citizens is important as much as of those with power in their hands. Data protection lawyers in Lithuania can help you with that but it is very important to know some basic steps and be able to protect yourself first.

Easy steps to protect your data


It is very important to protect your data online. There are a lot of different types of cyber-attacks – they can steal your personal data, make harm to your image, income and even steal your identity. There are some basic steps you can do to prevent that from happening:


  • Make sure that you have an anti-malware protection;
  • Have your firewall on at all times;
  • Use safe sites when surfing on the internet;
  • If needed, encrypt your data;
  • Do not overshare your personal information;
  • Always be aware.

If needed, you can seek help from data protection lawyers in Lithuania. They will help you with legal matters.


Can cyber-attacks really harm me?


Cyber-attack can take place anytime and anywhere. You always have to be aware – make sure, that your computer is protected and that you do not overshare your data online. Identity theft usually occurs with those, who tend to share every detail of their lives online.


What to do if it happens to me?


Usually cyber-crimes are planned to steal money from people’s bank accounts. Make sure to pay attention to every detail – the site must be legit. If you have more questions, get in contact with data protection lawyers in Lithuania.


To prevent becoming a victim of cyber-crimes, make sure to take basic steps to protect yourself and your data online. If needed, contact a lawyer.