What to know when selling on Ebay?

What to know when selling on Ebay?

Do you ever sell something on Ebay? I guess at least you buy so am I. Buying things is easier than selling because you could not think about profit, distance selling vat registration, taxes and so on. All you need to care about your budget and then you can enjoy your shopping.

Story of my pillow

There are so many things cheaper than in my country. I already bought about 209 things on this platform. The best thing I have ever bought was a pillow. I know it sounds crazy but this pillow became one of my favorite thing and I think in some way it brings me lucky. I take this pillow everywhere I travel and she has  stories that I couldn’t tell throughout the day. Yes, I just call her SHE. That’s this pillow name my friends gave for it.

Can I sell things on Ebay?

One of my friend told me he’s selling his stuff and making good money from that. I thought I could try to do an experiment. Just try to sell so many things in one month as I can. First of all I searched information about distance selling vat registration and some other taxes because I wanted to be clear everything will be legal. Then I tried to make a plan and highlight most important points. I can tell it takes time and efforts but it’s worth. Everyone can start selling things on Ebay.

Should it be legal?

One of most important thing was to find how could I make high profit and pay less taxes as possible. I never care about anything like border protection, customs, confiscation and so on and now I must face to face with this things. I tried to find the best distance selling vat registration platform because I think this is the most important thing to do your business could be legal and avoid some bigger problems.

I did everything in legal way and made a 2000$ profit. I prove to myself I can do even more!