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Chlamydia: symptoms and things you need to know

Chlamydia: symptoms and things you need to know

Chlamydia treatment isn’t that serious, it can easily be treated with antibiotics. Now when all the stress is reduced, the main answer about the illness is answered, we can discuss some more valuable information, to prevent it or just keep in the back on your mind whenever you’re going to have sex. Basically, it`s caused by bacteria called Chlamydia trachomatis. It can be found in infected semen and vaginal fluids. As mentioned, it`s not super serious illness, however, if not treated it can easily spread to other parts of your body and cause long-term health problems. Chlamydia increases risk of getting HIV, because your immune system is weaker. That`s why chlamydia treatment must be taken seriously.

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How new skins get added?

How new skins get added?

If you thought that Valve has their own designer team who are creating new kinds of skins for you to play? Well, apparently, you can make them as well, you just have to submit them and get them accepted. And then you can use them, trade on Drakelounge or just discard them

How does it work? Well, first of course you have to design the CSGO skin you have in mind. That means it has to be a full 3D design that people in Valve could evaluate. If they like the created skin, then it is added to the weapon crate. This allows players to get the skin during one of the drops.

Of course, it is unknown, how many designs are discarded as we can only see the few which get accepted. It might be done in hopes of not to discourage the people who are thinking of making them.

After the skins get accepted and used, players also get the ability to participate in skin trading in such websites like Drakelounge. If you are the person who created the skin, these websites give you the opportunity of earning even more money than you initially got for the skin.

Any person with great design skills is capable of creating a new skin that will be used in CSGO. Of course, that does not mean that every skin you create will get accepted.

Esports and game popularity

Esports and game popularity

Talking about CSGO popularity and esports you could say that it is similar to the “chicken and the egg” situation. Right now, with so many players in this game, it is not sure whether it became popular because of esports or the other way around.

Players’ influence

When there are many players in a game, you can see that it might be a little lagging, especially if the servers are not so used to the load. But that doesn’t stop people joining in and inviting their friends. It can be speculated, that the growing number of players influence esports because they chose the game that is one of the most played online.

This also opened the betting opportunity – after all, with such a presence in esports, why not make some extra money from the side?

Esports influence

It could also be that the number of players is growing just because of CSGO’s presence in esports. When a lot of people see professional players taking their time and training to be better in some game and participate in championships, others want to take part as well.

So you could say that esports work as a commercial for the game. This makes betting for them also more popular. With some websites closing, other reliable bet websites open and offer new opportunities for game fans.

It might not be known, which influenced which, but you can be sure, that they help each other out. The more players there are – the more professional teams can join and the more games are broadcasted, the more people want to play.